Horseback rides

One Hour Ride

Make a three mile loop on the desert floor and experience how the pioneers traveled.

The one hour ride gives the rider a true taste of what the pioneers must have experienced.  With the Panamint Mountains to the west and the Funeral Mountains to the east, an eerie silence falls across you and your horse as you travel through the arroweed, saltgrass, and mesquite of this sun-baked valley.

Two Hour Ride


Our two hour ride climbs up into the foothills of the Funeral Mountains and gives a view of the valley below.  You can imagine the prospectors traversing up these same hills in search of gold and silver hoping to strick it rich!

Private Ride


Private rides are available for the people who are riders.  This means that you can post during a long trot and are confident at the lope (trotting and loping is at our guides discretion).  Our guides and our horses love to step it up a notch and with your adventurous spirit and our knowledge of the area, we can show you some of our favorite places.  We recommend at least two to three hours for this option.  

Moonlight Ride


This ride is truly a highlight to any visit into Death Valley.  Our favorite time for a moonlight ride is before the full moon, as it allows us to leave right at dusk, giving you a chance to soak in the purple silhouettes of the mountains. Half way through the ride you realize it's gotten dark and you can see your moon shadow as you drift over the salt and through the mesquite groves into the quiet night.   Riders must be 9 years of age.  

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2019 Dates for Moonlight Rides

January 16th-21st

February 14th-19th

March 15th-21st

April 13th-20th

Sunset Ride


Our most popular ride of the day.  We time this ride so that we are facing the east as the sun drops behind the Panamint Mountains. To watch the shadows fall across Death Valley is a stunning event and we would love to share the show with you!   

Call for ride times and reservations!



If you have a reservation with us please note the following as this information is very important to our ride schedule and your enjoyment.  Upon arrival please make sure that you confirm you reservation by calling (760)614-1018 or strolling down to the stables and speaking with someone in person.    Also, we DO NOT take credit cards at our office.  Please make sure to bring cash, personal check, or if you are a guest with either Furnace Creek Ranch or Furnace Creek Inn and you have a credit card on file we are able to charge the ride to your hotel room.  If you choose to charge the ride to your room you must bring with you your verification card given to you at the time of check in.  This is a little white paper with all your information on it. Closed toed shoes are a must and long jeans are recommended.  You will be able to bring small personal items such as a water and a camera but no backpack, fanny packs, or purses are permitted on the rides.  Helmets are required and provided for minors and optional for adults.  Lastly, we ask that all our riders be to the stable office a half hour before their scheduled ride as this allows us to check everyone in and leave at our scheduled time.  If you have any further question please feel free to send us a note or call the office.        (760)614-1018